About Me

When you go through the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, you think, this is it. You work in a company or a bunch of companies and you are supposed to rise and rise until you head something. Anything.

But, that’s not how it works. Meandering through sales, selling luggage, selling advertising services, selling recruitment services, until one day you start writing a story – the very first one for your daughter – and then another story and another.

Aha! Here’s what I want to do.

Then writing for a magazine, trying to write elsewhere and meandering into marketing IT security and you do that because you think, this is life, it’s fun, it’s what you’ve studied, it brings money.

Oh horror of horrors, on a dark night, the thought bubbles up, “What about writing?”

You bat it down, “Maybe, it’s ok not to write. Just maybe, it’s ok to do this marketing.”

And they go on, the con calls and the iterations and the working in teams, across teams, with teams, teams above, teams below, teams all over the place. Deep down, you aren’t comfortable doing what you do, but it takes a push from daughter again – you need to be there for her, so you think – she’s about to make that jump from school to higher school.

That’s the good trigger and you let go. There isn’t a job in hand, you let go all the same and you look up and you tell the Big One, the God, “Take care of things, will you! I chucked it all. See me through – that’s on your shoulders.”

And you let go. Ups and downs and round and round. He’s seeing me through, sometimes I suspect He shuts His eyes and tells me, “Oh, but that’s when I’m carrying you.” I’ll take His word for it.

Some stories, some books, published and unpublished. Back to kids’ stories.

That’s my story. Thanks to my lucky mascot – my daughter.

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